Conny meets Fran Drescher

von | Dez 19, 2014

Conny und Dennis meet Torsten Sträter

Conny und Dennis meet Torsten Sträter


Hallo, ihr Lieben!
Kurz vor dem Jahreswechsel möchten wir euch heute nocheinmal ein echtes Interviewhighlight präsentieren.
„Fran Fine“ ist wahrscheinlich das bekannteste und beliebteste Kindermädchen der TV Geschichte.
Wir haben angefangen, die „Nanny“ zu lieben, seit sie als „Lady in Red“ die Treppen der Sheffield-Villa herunter schlenderte.
Im „echten Leben“ widmet sich Fran Drescher jedoch noch weitaus mehr Projekten als der Schauspielerei. Mit ihrer Organisation „Cancer Schmancer“ hat sie dem Krebs offiziell den Kampf angesagt.
Sie möchte Menschen in aller Welt dabei helfen, die Krankheit, wie sie, zu besiegen und sich über die eigene Lebensweise bewusst zu werden.
Wir haben uns mit Fran über „Die Nanny“, „Cancer Schmancer“ und das vergangene Jahr unterhalten. Am Ende des Interviews hat sie uns noch Grüße für euch dagelassen!

Conny: „A lot of people know you from „The Nanny“. Our readers love the series so much. During your carreer you played in a lot of movies and other series, too. Does it sometimes bother you to be called „the Nanny“ after all these years?“
F. Drescher: „Not at all. As the creator, producer and star of the Nanny it makes me so very proud that 21 years later people around the world are still watching, laughing and loving my show!“

Conny: „Are you still in contact with the rest of the Nanny-cast?“
F. Drescher: „I speak to each cast member from time to time but most often with Charles Shaughnessy and Renee Taylor.“

Conny: „Which one was your favorite episode and why?“
F. Drescher: „There were so many favorites it’s difficult to choose. But I loved „Yetta Letters“ and „Close shave“ very much. Also my parents appeared in serveral episodes and naturally anytime they were on remains special to me for personal reasons.“

Conny: „You decided to fight against cancer. How did your life change after you got the diagnosis?“
F. Drescher: „I turned lemons into lemonade and pain into purpose by writing a bestseller „Cancer Schmancer“ and then starting a movement by the same name.“

Conny: „What do you tell people, who are ill and seem to become desperate?“
F. Drescher: „Side by side with grief lies joy. Always seek out the joy. Tye life lessons and tye silver linings. They are there!“

Conny: „How was the idea for Cancer Schmancer developed?“
F. Drescher: „I became a public speaker with the success of my book and realized that misdiagnosis was common everywhere and that the reason we lose loved ones to cancer is almost always due to late stage diagnosis. It was then that I realized the book was not the end but the beginning of a life mission and that a health movement needed to be founded.“

Conny: „You were one of the guests on „Dancer against Cancer“ in the Hofburg in Wien. Are there special memories on this evening? Will you be there again in 2015?“
F. Drescher: „I love Wien! I have been missing it lately and hope to return someday soon. If I am asked perhaps our calendars will again align and it will happen.“

Conny: „On your homepage and on facebook the „early detection“ is mentioned. Do you think, that a lot of people don’t care enough about a healthy way of living?“
F. Drescher: „I think that a lot of people don’t connect poor health cancer and disease with bad food and unhealthy lifestyle. That’y my job to wake them up. What we don’t know is killing us.“

Conny: „What can people in Germany (or all over the world) do to support Cancer Schmancer?“
F. Drescher: „Please go to, donate, join and learn how you can detox your home.“

Conny: „Your homepage says, that only 10 % of cancers are caused by genetics. What can I do to stay healthy?“
F. Drescher: „Think about what you eat, what personal care items you use and what you clean and garden with. In on & around you challenge. Read labels. Detox. Keep it organic and eco friendly.“

Conny:“ It seems, like 2014 was a year full of Ups and Downs. You married (CONGRATULATIONS!), Robin Williams (with whom you played in „Jack“) died. How does your summary for 2014 look like?“
F. Drescher: „It was a wonderful year for me personally because I met the love of my life. I performed on Broadway and I am blessed with wonderful parents.“

Conny: „What are your wishes for 2015?“
F. Drescher: „I hope 2015 is a happy and a healthy year for you and your loved ones! I hope all good things come your way. And I hope you join me in my efforts by supporting and learning how you can detox your home. Peace…“