Niveau-Klatsch meets Matthew Lewis

von | Okt 14, 2014

Conny und Dennis meet Torsten Sträter

Conny und Dennis meet Torsten Sträter


Guten Abend, ihr Lieben!
Matthew Lewis, besser bekannt als Neville Longbottom aus „Harry Potter“, ist wohl im Allgemeinen das, was der weibliche Teil unserer Leser als „echtes Schnuckelchen“ bezeichnen würde.
Ragna hatte das große Vergnügen, den britischen Schauspieler in Köln zu treffen, wo er an der Eröffnung von „Harry Potter-The Exhibition“ teilnahm.
Warum sich der liebe Matthew übrigens als erstes eine Packung ibuprofen zaubern würde, lest ihr im Text!

Niveau-Klatsch: „What is your opinion about the props going on big tour so that everybody can see them? It’s like a little look behind the scenes and a look behind a big part of your life. What’s your opinion about that?“
Matthew Lewis: „Well, I think it’s brilliant. You know, we finished filming four years ago. To come here today and going to the Exhibition… it just takes me back to that time. Melting to that world, that’s so wonderful. It’s weird and so incredible to have so many fans around the world. Having Fans in England, that’s crazy, but having fans in Germany it is like: WOW! I think it is great that we can take the things out to the fans and show them the props in this Exhibition.“

Niveau-Klatsch: „What do you think is the coolest and most awesome prop here?“ 
Matthew Lewis: „In my opinion, all Neville-Stuff is pretty cool. To see my costume and the probs it reminds me of the great time. I love the Quidditch Stuff – to play the quaffel is very cool. I love sport, I’m a big sport fan. Quidditch is a whole concept. I love it.“

Niveau-Klatsch: „How does it feel that people on the street only connect you with Neville Longbottom rather than with Matthew Lewis?“ 
Matthew Lewis: „Well, I’m quite fortunate actually that since Harry Potter finished I’ve been doing a lot of different stuff and a lot of this has been in british Television. Not really in other countries. So in England I come away from Neville and do other stuff, different from Neville. The roles I’ve been getting are far away from Neville. When you make a program or a film for ten years you always gonna be associated with. It could be worse. The character of Neville is a fantastic character. I wouldn’t be able to do the shows at the Westend in London when I wouldn’t have acted as Neville before.“

Niveau-Klatsch: „Are you in contact to the main cast from Harry Potter?“
Matthew Lewis: „Yes, I spoke to Emma (Watson) last week. I was talking to her about her UN – “HeForShe” – campaign, which is wonderful. I think it’s brilliant, you know it’s incredible. Her speech was mind blowing and she texted me and asked me if I could send her a picture for her campaign. So I did that for her and I spoke to Dan last month. Well, it’s difficult to see each other, because we are all around the world doing different stuff, but we are still in contact with each other and I might even go play football with Oliver Felton at some point when I am back next month.“

Niveau-Klatsch: „If you could be a wizard yourself: what would be the one thing you would desire the most to conjure?“ 
Matthew Lewis: „Ibuprofen! I drank too much last night. Too much Kölsch. There are simple pleasures, like Pizza and Ibuprofen.“

Niveau-Klatsch: „How was it to play sort of a loser (Neville Longbottom)?“ 
Matthew Lewis: „I think everybody on the planet is capable of incredible things and people get put down by all other people and society and that’s getting in the way, but everybody is capable of incredible things. Everybody has that inside of them, and so to be able to play that. This journey that someone who wasn’t a complete loser, but bullied and shy and you know that other stuff, to be able to take him on that journey and to show everybody what’s in Neville. I was so privileged and I still get fan-mails from people, who say that Neville helped them through tough times, crises in life or bulling at school. To read that a job that you have done, as an actor, has inspired people, is just great.“

Niveau-Klatsch: „Thank you for the Interview and enjoy your time in Germany.“