Conny meets Mimi Kirk

von | Feb 3, 2015

Conny und Dennis meet Torsten Sträter

Conny und Dennis meet Torsten Sträter


Hallo, ihr Lieben!

Heute haben wir mal wieder ein ganz besonderes Interview für euch. Mimi Kirk ist in jeder Hinsicht eine Art „Vorzeigefigur“, wenn es um eine vegane Ernährung geht. Mimi ist über 70 Jahre alt, wurde 2010 zur „Sexiest Vegetarian“ in der Kategorie „über 50“ gewählt und schreibt Bücher über ein Thema, das uns irgendwie alle angeht.
Sie scheint der beste Beweis dafür zu sein, dass es anscheinend kein Fleisch braucht, um sich fit und gesund zu fühlen. Zudem ist Mimi wunderschön. Was will man mehr?

Wir haben uns mit der sympathischen Veganerin über Ernährung, Gesundheit und leckere Rezepte unterhalten.
Egal, ob Fleischesser, Veggie oder vegan: Taucht mit uns und Mimi heute mal in eine ganz besondere Welt ein! Guten Hunger!
PS.: Alle Infos zu Büchern und Mimis veganem Lebensstil findet ihr auf ihrer Seite!

Mimi Kirk/ Buchtitel Modern Juicing

Mimi Kirk/ Modern Juicing

Conny: „A lot of people decided to become vegan or vegetarian for the start of 2015. Do you think, that it’s easier to have a „special date“ for a decision like this?“
M. Kirk: „We think of the new year as a time to make a fresh start and improve ourself in some way. Most peoples set a resolutions but research shows it only last six to eight weeks because we put so much pressure on ourself we end up failing. The truth is the start of any day can be the start of a new resolution. Since so many people break their New Years resolution it may be best to wait a few weeks after New Years to start this important change and make it a commitment from a strong decision not just because people think new years is the time to make a resolution.“

Conny: „What do you think is the main excuse for eating meat?“
M. Kirk: „Habits are not easy to break for some people. Also some people may be unconscious about how animals are treated and slaughtered. I like to think that with more education people might just change their minds.“

Conny: „You published books like „Raw around the world“ and you talk to a lot of people. Do you see it as a kind of duty to help people to live their life in a better way?“
M. Kirk: „I wouldn’t call it a duty, but I do feel this is a passion of mine to show people how wonderful and fulfilling life can be at any age, and how they can also live a long, healthy, happy life.“

Mimi Kirk/ Buchtitel Modern Juicing

Mimi Kirk/ Buchtitel Modern Juicing

Conny: „I am vegetarian, but a lot of my friends are of the opinion, that being vegetarian is not enough. They say, that living vegan is much healthier. What do you think about this statement?“

M. Kirk: „Vegetarians still consume dairy, and can still consume processed foods. Being vegetarian is a very good step towards healthier eating but vegan does more for heath and certainly is a more compassionate to animals as vegans us no animal products in food or clothing. In other words vegans do not wear leather or fur. A raw food vegan goes further with good health by eating food closest to its natural state as possible.“

Conny: „You traveled a lot. Is there any place, which you call your favorite destination?“
M. Kirk: „That’s a difficult question as I seem to find something charming everywhere I travel. I’ve met so many wonderful people everywhere In every country. It makes me very happy to see so many people interested in healthy living.“

Conny: „You became „sexiest vegetarian“. Are awards like this important for you?“
M. Kirk: „Not at all. I don’t feel awards are important. What is important is helping others. What I am happy about is that this award interested a lot of people so it helped more people to find out about my message.“

Conny: „A lot of people are afraid to become ill, if they don’t eat meat or eggs anymore. What do you tell them?“ 
M. Kirk: „I feel I’m an example being 76 years young and a raw vegan. I’m in perfect health without eating animals or dairy. I think more people become ill from eating meat and dairy products.“

Conny: „How important is the internet for your work? You blog, you use facebook… Do you like to write and communicate with your fans?“ 
M. Kirk: „The internet is vital to my work. It allows me to keep up with all my research, which I can pass on to my readers around the world. I really love my Facebook friends and enjoy communication with them. Although I’m very busy I try to answer everyone.“

Conny: „Do you like to tell us your favourite vegan recipe?“
M. Kirk: „I have so many favorites, but a quick one would be my Chia Pudding. 1cup almond, hemp milk or coconut water. 1/4 cup chia

Mimi Kirk/ Buchtitel Modern Juicing

Mimi Kirk/ Buchtitel Modern Juicing

seeds, Directions: To make the nut milk, soak 1 cup almonds over night in water to cover. Drain and rinse. Place in food processor with 3 1/2 cups filtered water, 2 soft dates Medjool preferred, and a dash of vanilla extract. Blend well. Strain milk through a nut filter bag or paint strainer bag, squeezing out all the liquid. The pulp from the nuts can be used to make flour or in pastries. For hemp seed milk, add 3 tablespoons hemp seeds to blender, 3 cups filtered water, 2 dates, dash of vanilla extract. Blend well. Milk is ready to use. Pour 1 cup milk into a small jar with lid. Add chia seeds and whip to combine seeds. Let rest for 10 minutes, whip again to break up any lumps, let sit another 10 minutes and whip again. Add a dash of sweetener to taste like maple syrup and whip in. The whipping keeps the seeds from getting lumpy. Refrigerate for at least an hour to firm up. When ready to eat remove from refrigerator and if you like a thinner pudding add more milk and stir in before eating. Top pudding with berries, chopped nuts, raisins, shredded coconut, bananas or fruit of choice.“

Conny: „How about your friends and family? Are they living vegan, too?“
M. Kirk: „I have lots of raw, vegan and vegetarian friends and some family members, but not all my friends and family are vegan. But they all love my raw vegan rood. I think many friends and family have converted to healthier eating and juicing and hopefully one day they will become vegan.“

Mimi Kirk/ Buchtitel Modern Juicing

Mimi Kirk/ Buchtitel Modern Juicing

Conny: „What does luck mean to you?“
M. Kirk: „I think with positive thinking we bring luck to us. With negative thinking luck can’t find it’s way to us.“

Conny: „What are your plans for 2015?“
M. Kirk: „I’ll be traveling like I do every year to many countries to do speaking engagements. My new juicing book was just released so I’ll be doing book signing in the USA. To see where i’ll be traveling and to keep up with my schedule and see if i’ll be speaking in your country, check my website and click on schedule at the top of the menu bar.“